Find out what it means to be truly immersed in an environment, located in the heart of Hollywood, that inspires attendees to envision a world that is problem solving multiple steps ahead of the current solutions that exist in our world.

5G, Blockchain, Machine Learning, Voice-Activated, Immersive, Streaming and Autonomous Vehicles are all impacting the ways in which storytellers are finding outlets to connect cultures around the world. Visit the Innovation Hub at Infinity Festival to see what the world’s leading experts are developing for the solutions of tomorrow and beyond

In the world of multi-national corporations trying to solve problems that go beyond their brand know-how without getting into the public domain risks of mission-creep, “Innovation Labs” have become a mainstay at the leading technology companies and major studios around the world today as a protected haven for exploration, research and development.

Labs aim to create breakthrough, out-of-the-box solutions to major challenges of the present and the future, ‘addressing problems too big for any one organization to solve on its own’ [such as devising alternative business models (FinanceInnovation Lab), or working toward solving large health, safety, and development problems].
— Stanford Social Innovation Review

Infinity Festival celebrates this incredible era in which we live by showcasing some of the most compelling innovations in development by today’s leading Silicon Valley technologists, Hollywood Studios and Universities.




Sponsored by Marjorie Goodson


Where fine art and technology meet.

Art is made possible through technology. From the invention of the paintbrush to computer-programmed augmented reality, artists have always used technology to translate a creative thought into a physical work of art. The ART+TECH Exhibition at the Infinity Festival brings together the incredible resources and advanced technology with the equally incredible imagination and talent of today’s cutting-edge artists.

ART+TECH will be on view in two galleries at Goya Studios, and will include internationally known and local artists working in mediums that include VR, AR, 3D printing, digital photography and light sculpture. This compelling exhibit will run for the duration of the festival and is included with admission.